A Black Woman

I  am dedicating this post to a woman I have admired all my life. The late Wangari Maathai embodied the true spirit of an African woman. RIP Wangari!

I just realized something, for a long time I suffered from extremely dry scalp, especially the temple, it was very embarrassing as I would shed leaving my clothes looking flaky and dirty. To make matters worse, my eyebrows would be so dry that I would get dandruff, DANDRUFF ON MY EYEBROWS!!!! How gross is that??? I had to put olive oil on my eyebrows every morning, and if I forgot I would look unkempt all day. I even went to see a dermatologist about it, but she didn’t/couldn’t  help me much. Since I went natural, I don’t suffer from dry scalp or eyebrows anymore, coincidence? You be the judge. My scalp has never been healthier and my eyebrows have never looked  softer and cleaner.

I have been staring at women with natural hair of late, I almost can’t help myself. In the supermarket, at the bank, on the streets; whenever I see a lady with natural hair, I can’t help but admire them. I realize now how beautiful black women really are, our skin, our hair- everything, God made us perfect!

I remember a poem I wrote almost 4 years ago, at a time I was so depressed and feeling low. The poem was almost therapeutic for me, and I still read it whenever those feelings begin to creep up on me. I call it, A Black Woman

She is beauty
She is grace
She is sexy
She is strength
She is elegance
She is all natural

She is motherhood
She is sisterhood
She is love
given from the One above

It’s in her stride
so full of pride
It’s the softness of her lips
It’s the sway of her hips
It’s in her chocolate thighs
It’s in her big brown eyes

She is perfection
no need for alteration.

I love being a woman, and I especially love being a black woman, kinky curly hair and all.

If you are a mother, teach your child to love and appreciate herself or himself. Love your family and tell them you love them each day, those words will be with them for the rest of their lives!

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