When being a natural just isn’t enough

A few months ago, a friend of mine requested me to twist her hair as she didn’t know how to do it herself, I had no problem helping her out. I was shocked at the condition of her hair, it was not much longer than mine which at the time was barely 1 year old. Her edges were non-existent and she had a huge bald patch on the side of her head. Her hair was broken off and lacked in length and volume. I know for a fact that she had been natural over 2 years; she had been natural since I’d known her. And I also know for a fact that she wanted to have longer hair.

Seeing her hair in it’s  state made me realize that having natural hair without knowledge on how to care for it is simply not enough.There is so much that goes into getting one’s hair to grow. It’s about whether and how one conditions their hair, whether they use the right tools and techniques, whether they put their hair in protective styles etc

In this day and age where information is literally at the end of our finger tips,there is no excuse for having damaged hair, natural or otherwise. We all have access to YouTube videos, blogs and even books which all give one tips and trick on how to care for their hair.

I write this blog for myself to keep track of my hair journey and also to help someone with the knowledge that I have acquired in my journey thus far. If I have inspired just one person then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Stay beautiful my lovelies!

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